Harbor Prairie Athletic Club Pinnacle

Prairie Athletic Club, Harbor Athletic Club and Pinnacle Health and Fitness
have joined forces to allow their members access to four locations!

Reciprocal membership procedures:
  • Before taking advantage of this great new feature, you will need to check with your current club to see if your membership has reciprocal use. 
  • Obtain the reciprocal use form.  Fill out the form and have the form stamped by your club for approval.
  • Take that completed, stamped form to each of the participating clubs between 9 a.m.-8 p.m. any day of the week.
  • Each adult will need to sign the form.  Form includes a liability waiver.
  • Please bring your photo id upon first visit.
  • The completed and stamped form must be presented at each club.  For example, Prairie members who want to use both Harbor and Pinnacle locations would have to present the form at both Harbor and Pinnacle. 
  • Once registered at one Pinnacle location, the 2nd location will automatically be included.
  • Reciprocal use members will be entered into each club's computer system and a picture will also be taken.

Benefits to having multiple locations:

  • 4 locations: Fitchburg, downtown Madison, Middleton, and Sun Prairie!
  • Reciprocal members can register for programs (†) and receive member rates at all locations!
    † Please note that not all programs include member pricing for reciprocal members. Check club for pricing.
  • Dolphins Cove is not included in the reciprocal membership for Harbor and Pinnacle members. 
  • Harbor and Pinnacle reciprocal members can show their membership card anytime in the summer and receive 1/2 off Dolphins Cove guest fees (not valid with other offers)
  • Dolphins Cove summer memberships also available at discounted rated for Harbor and Pinnacle reciprocal members!

Reciprocal use membership policies: 

  • Owners reserve the right to modify reciprocal use program at any time.
  • Members are asked to pay their dues at the club they use the most.
  • Owners reserve the right to transfer memberships between clubs (amenities and rates may vary).
  • Member will be charged $10 per visit for any visits beyond the expiration of their membership with their primary club.
  • Pinnacle is an adult club and welcomes alliance club members over the age of 13 only.
  • NON-member pricing applies to reciprocal members for all fee-based Harbor Wellness Studio classes.
  • Towel Service is available at all clubs. Towels are available for $1 each.
  • Child care services are available at each club see individual club for details.
  • Guest passes will be honored by the issuing club only.

Click here to view a map of all locations.

Reciprocal agreement between clubs subject to change without notice.